日期/Date報告人/presenter題 目/ Talk title摘要 Abstract簡報 Slides
2023/12/29李啟彥 Kifayat AliLithological control on the deformation mechanism and the mode of fault slip on the Longitudinal Valley Fault, Taiwanabsppt112624602
2023/10/6陳愷風/Chen Kai-Feng透過影像關聯來測量潛移斷層的地表變形:以台灣西南部為例/Measuring ground deformation across creeping faults through aerial image correlation: a case study of southwestern Taiwanabsppt111624010
2023/10/6阮玉清武Nguyen Ngoc Thanh VuSpatiotemporal Variations in the Hydromechanical Property of Aquifers in Choushui River Fluvial Fan, Taiwanabsppt110624605
2023/10/13 高靖淵/Ching-Yuan Kao以熱-水-力耦合數值模式探討清水地熱案場簡化模型之抽注水交互作用行為/ Exploring the interaction of water extraction and injection in a simplified model of the Chingshui geothermal field using thermal-hydraulic-mechanical coupling numerical modelsabsppt111624002
2023/10/13鍾胡德Truong Huu DucDeveloping a Coupled Hydraulic-Mechanical-Chemical Model to Investigate Seawater Intrusion and Land Subsidence Due to Groundwater Over-exploitation in Pingtung Plain, Taiwanabsppt111624603
2023/10/13陳映涵 Ying-Han, Chen以異質性地質模型與數值模式探討礁溪溫泉水資源管理/ Investigation of sustainable resource management of Jiaoxi hot spring by using numerical simulation in a heterogeneous hydrogeological modelabsppt111624001
2023/10/20林禹昇 Yu-Sheng, Lin利用數值模擬膨潤土中氣體遷移之演變/ Numerical Simulation of the Evolution of Gas Migration in Bentoniteabsppt111624003
2023/10/20許安誼/HSU, AN-YI以熱示蹤劑試驗與模式評估海岸帶含水層分層流動特性/Using thermal tracer tests and numerical models to evaluate the layered flow characteristic in a coastal aquifer systemabsppt111624005
2023/10/20范氏涵/ Pham Thi Thanh NhanApplying the variably saturated flow model to simulate groundwater flow in Pingtung plain by using THMCabsppt111624602
2023/10/27葉哲瑋/Che-Wei,Yeh臺灣地熱場地層儲存及流體流動特性:以大屯火山群和東部板岩帶為例/Geological Storage and Fluid Flow Characteristics of Geothermal Reservoirs in Taiwan: A Case Study of the Datun Volcanic Group and Eastern Slate Areasabsppt111624006
2023/10/27韓樂懷Le Hoai HanScale effect on the determination of the spatial correlation factor used in Markov random fieldabsppt110624606
2023/11/3馬金寧Agustina Shinta MarginingsihContinuous Observation of Groundwater and Crustal Deformation for Forecasting Tonankai and Nankai Earthquake in Japanabsppt111684605
2023/11/3何佑婕 /Yu-Chieh Ho多層次滲透性反應牆系統整治原始污染物與其降解生成污染物共存地下水污染的解析模擬與功能評估 Analytical modeling and performance evaluation for multi-permeable reactive barrier system for remediation of groundwater contamination susceptible to coexistence of original contaminant and its degradation-related byproductsabsppt111684002
2023/11/3阮秋媛Nguyen Thi Thu UyenA two-dimensional semi-analytical model for multispecies transport influenced by rate-limited sorption with decay in the solid phaseabsppt110684603
2023/11/10林子瑜/Tzu-yu Lin裂隙-孔隙介質內的放射性核種傳輸模擬/Simulation of Radionuclide Transport in Fractured Porous Mediaabsppt111684001
2023/11/10武宏山Vo Hong SonLandform Behaviors in Kaffiøyra Under Climate Change Conditions Using Remote Sensing and GIS Approachabsppt111684603
2023/11/10雷依Le Nhu YApplication of upscaling methods for fluid flow and mass transport in multi-scale heterogeneous media: A critical review Bestabsppt111684607
2023/11/17斯帝芬Stefan Christopher NicholasImproving VS30 Mapping in the Taipei Basin: Correlating Soil Parameters with Shear-Wave Velocity and Analysing Extrapolation Methodsabsppt111684601
2023/11/17阮成松/Nguyen Thanh TungTitle: Estimating the paleo-earthquake characteristics in a stabilized accretionary wedge based on the geological record: evidence of co-seismic landslide?absppt110684602
2023/11/24阮氏蘭芝Nguyen Thi Lan ChiGeology structural identification through 3D Resistivity Inversion of Magnetotelluric (MT) data in the Tatun Volcano Group, Northern Taiwanabsppt110684604
2023/11/24Lam Gia Huy/ 林佳輝A mechanism of fluid exchange associated to CO2 leakage along active fault during geologic storage/ 地質封存過程中與沿著活動斷層二氧化碳洩漏相關的流體交換機制absppt111624605
2023/11/24阮國桃/Nguyen Ngoc ThaoOverview of two MATLAB-based methods for semiautomatic measurement of lateral and vertical fault offsets in topographic dataabsppt111684606
2023/12/1王鼎崴以條件隨機場評估地層與地質特性不確定性的耦合特性 /Coupled characterization of stratigraphic and geo-properties uncertainties – A conditional random field approachabsppt112624003
2023/12/1巫家宜/ Jia-Yi, Wu考慮滲流效應基於改進徑向運動優化邊坡穩定性分析/Slope stability analysis based on improved radial movement optimization considering seepage effect.absppt112624005
2023/12/1張育熏/Yu-Hsun Chang位於日本幌延町地下研究實驗室中的矽質泥岩中的微構造與斷層起源/ Microstructure and origin of faults in siliceous mudstone at the Horonobe Undergroud Research Laboratory site, Japanabsppt112624002
2023/12/8王婕欣亞北極土壤和苔蘚中硫和微量元素的濃度與冰島亨吉爾地熱發電廠的關係生態影響/Concentrations of sulphur and trace elements in subarctic soils and mosses in relation to geothermal power plants at Hengill, Iceland – ecological implicationsabsppt112624006
2023/12/15張子寬 / Tzu-Kuan, Chang透過有限元素法耦合熱水力化模型進行二氧化碳注入之建模 / Coupled THMC modeling of CO2 injection by finite element methodsabsppts112624001
2023/12/15廖泓硯/Liao hong-yan地下水致癌化合物的劃分式多目標風險建模/Partitioned multiobjective risk modeling of carcinogenic compounds in groundwaterabsppt112624004
2023/12/15 許力元 / li-yuan Hsu台灣屏東平原地下水與地表水相互作用耦合三維模型用於海水入侵管理 Coupled three-dimensional modelling of groundwater-surface water interactions for management of seawater intrusion in Pingtung Plain, Taiwanabsppt112624007
2023/12/22許鎧麟/Kai-Lin Hsu 結合壓溶作用與熱水力化耦合模型評估岩石滲透率演變/Coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical modeling by incorporating pressure solution for estimating the evolution of rock permeabilityabsppt112624008
2023/12/22張國峯 / Kuo-Feng Chang宜蘭土場地熱區裂隙型儲集層地質建模 / Geological Modeling of the Fractured Reservoir in Tuchang Geothermal Fieldabsppt112624009
2023/12/29韓際山 Jathisun Pasaribu112624601